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Strategy Runner


Strategy Runner provides a complete trading solution for point & click and algorithmic trading. Sophisticated trading platform with user-friendly interface can be used both as a personalized online ordering platform with such features as trailing stops and brackets, and hands-free trading platform with fully automated execution of trading systems.

Strategy Runner may be useful for system traders that want to "set it and forget it." Customers can subscribe to strategies or write their own. The strategies run from remote servers so it relieves the customer from having to worry about the stability of their internet connection and maintaining a dedicated computer.

The trading platform comes in two versions: Strategy Runner LITE and Strategy Runner Professional.

Strategy Runner LITE offers an advanced online trading platform with the following features:


  • Point & Click trading from charts
  • Automated exits, such as scale-outs, brackets, trailing stops, and proprietary exit strategies
  • Bracket feature for setting automated profit target and stop loss OCO orders
  • Real-Time charts and indicators
  • Real-time streaming quotes, composite position tracker, profit & loss display
  • Visual confirmation of orders within chart
  • Customizable audio confirmation of orders
  • Risk control, including daily profit & loss limits and contract limits
  • Parked, synthetic, market-on-close (MOC) & Smart orders
  • One-click trading from Trading Pad: order submission, modification and cancellation

*Automated exits and synthetic orders (all stop orders) are stored on the server, so your internet connection and even your computer being shut, don't affect order execution

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       Strategy Runner PRO includes all the features of Strategy Runner LITE and offers
fully automated execution of trading systems with the following main features:

  • Lease strategies from a broad range of systems developed by professionals
  • Hands-free trading with multiple strategies on multiple markets
  • Robust, high-quality execution of trading strategies* using our server-based solution
  • Trade with gurus
  • Execute trades in multiple accounts
  • Real-Time transparency of strategy performance using graphical monitoring
  • Full control over strategy execution and the ability to modify or liquidate strategy as desired. Ease of diversification and re-balancing of your trading portfolio: add, delete, run, and stop systems as desired
  • Tick-by-tick accuracy of strategy execution
  • Free simulation version

*Strategies run on remote servers, so your Internet connection, and even your computer being shut, don't affect strategy execution

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Additional SR information

- User's Guide
- Screenshots

Video Tutorials:

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Click below to download additional Strategy Runner agreements

>>Strategy Runner Customer Agreement (RCG)

>>Strategy Runner Customer Agreement (Dorman)

>>Strategy Runner End User License Agreement

Both Strategy Runner LITE and Strategy Runner PRO versions are available for live trading through Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) and Dorman Trading

System Requirements

• Minimum Pentium III, 850 MHz Processor; Optimal Pentium IV, 1 GHz Processor
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• Minimum 256MB Memory; Optimal 512MB Memory
• Minimum 100MB of free hard disk space
• Internet Connection Minimum Speed: 56 KB/sec; Optimal: High-speed Cable, DSL, T1 or ISDN