Essence Capital Group, Inc.

CFTC registered, member of NFA

Essence Capital Group specializes in advising clients, delivering personalized solutions, and providing brokerage services for futures trading. We strive always to deliver the best customer service, order execution, and market expertise.

Новости Индустрии


From beginner to expert, we'll provide you with powerful resources, market expertise and superb customer service to meet your trading goals. We deliver a first-class, full-service commodity trading experience.

Our risk management specialists have a unique set of hedging tools and many years of experience. We’ll provide expert advice and develop a hedging program specifically tailored to your marketing needs.

Торговые Платформы

We offer a variety of electronic trading platforms that cater to the specific needs of various types of traders. No matter what your trading style is, we’ll be able to provide a platform well-suited for you.